Toyota Electronic Parts Catalog (EPC) Setup Free [2022]

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Toyota Electronic Parts Catalog (EPC) Setup Free [2022]




ive got a 3630 2.0l tranny i want the ecu to detect it and miatain it on the 2000 tranny the kit i got has a clutch cable bracket,an ecu bracket,a relay,a relay harness,a harness,a starter and the ecu,the gear box and a air filter/evaporator.The model # for the ecu im having issues with is e2000-6880-v.1.1 i got it all cleaned up and installed the cat and throttle sensor from a 2000 truck and hooked it up with an alpine mig 9v to it and it seems to be running but wont rev up to 4000 its there but wont idle.Im not sure if i need to do anything else to it because its not doing any other thing just revving up. what am i doing wrong thanks in advance regards peter From what you've said it sounds like the ecu is correct. The air filter/evaporator isn't coming on but it should? If it is a stock set up you should be able to replace it with a set from a 2000 truck. It is the filter/evaporator plate that should come on but from the description you have provided you don't seem to have that either. I don't know if you have called the seller yet but as it is a transmission kit you should be able to get it a little cheaper. I know a lot of people would rather just buy a new tranny but if you don't have the time to do a complete rebuild you can get a good deal from someone else. __________________ "It is all well and good to work hard, but a man should have a little fun while he is working."You are here A stream of refugees fleeing the same warring parties that have been massacring each other for centuries is now turning on its creators. Most of the world's wars are still under way. The World Health Organization estimates that 52.4 million people have been killed since World War II, and almost half of those were killed in wars and armed conflicts. By 2013, the agency expects that number to be 50 million. There have been more wars since 1945 than in all the previous centuries combined. The specter of another world war, however, is no longer a remote possibility. The US is now in a shooting war with Syria and is looking to topple the government of Libya and




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